Astro Zoo

Astro Zoo: Citizen Science and Crowd Sourced Astronomy

~by Matthew West

Zoo Universe
• Clearing house of various citizen science projects
• Hubble, Kepler, Spitzer, and more
• Moon, Mars, Asteroids, Solar Storms, Sun Spots, Transits, Planetary Disks, Jets

Galaxy Zoo
Classify Galaxies according to their shapes.
Assist astronomers to understand how the galaxies we see around us formed, and what theirstories reveal about the past, present and future of the Universe.
Images from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS)

Radio Galaxy Zoo
• Search for Erupting Black Holes!
• Find jets and match them to the host galaxy.
• Discover supermassive black holes observed by:
• KG Jansky Very Large Array (NRAO)
• Australia Telescope Compact Array (CSIRO)

Moon Zoo
• Identify craters and create maps, find boulders
• Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO)
• Great video tutorials and tools

Planet Hunters
• Find planets around other stars
• Kepler light curve data

Agent Exoplanet
• Study images of known exoplanets
• Measure the brightness of stars as exoplanets transit

Cosmo Quest
• Map previously unidentified craters
• LRO, Messenger, Dawn

Asteroid Mission
Submit your amateur astronomer telescope images of Near-Earth Objects (NEOs) andmeasurements of brightness and positions.
Physical properties, refine their orbits, and determine their parent asteroid families.

Stardust at Home
• Particles from the Stardust spacecraft’s sample return capsule.
• Comet Wild 2 particles, Interstellar dust particles.

• Planetary Data System (PDS), all data from all NASA/JPL missions. • Make maps, perform analyses, verify results from published papers!

Cassini: RAW, Calibrated, Processed Make your own movies or maps

• Curiosity, Spirit & Opportunity, Orbiters

• Magellan datasets: Elevation, Slope, Emissivity, Reflectivity
• Also available from the PDS: Pioneer, Venus Express, Cassini, Mariner, Messenger ….

The Sky Net
• Distributed processing of radio astronomy data.
• Utilize spare processing power when your computer is not in use.

• Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence
• Utilize spare processing power when your computer is not in use.

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