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 ~Members’ Contributions by Subject–

Astronomy Gear–Where to buy ~SJAC Discussion
Astronomy Equipment Basics   ~ Mike Powell
Astronomy Observing Reports   ~David McCashion
AstroZoo   ~ Matt West
Building my Home Observatory–“PFO”   ~ Mike Powell
Comet McNaught   ~Marc Arsenault
Favourite Binocular Targets   ~Chris Curwin, Astronomy by the Bay
Finders and how to use them   ~ Mike Powell
Free Astronomy Workshops  ~Paul Owen

     Telescope Basics
     Imaging the Moon

Hiawatha Impact Crater ~Phil Webb
~See also Impact Craters & Younger Dryas
Intro to 360° Nighttime Panoramic Photography ~Jim Stewart
Kepler Space Telescope ~Rob Leathley

     The Search for Life–Part 1 
     The Search for Life–Part 2 

Learning from the Lunar Landings   ~Curt Nason
Learning the Night Sky   ~Chris Curwin, Astronomy by the Bay
Listening to Jupiter   ~ Mike Powell
Maine Solar System Model ~Matt West
Messier Objects for Monthly Observing ~Curt Nason
     January Messiers
     February Messiers
     March Messiers
     April Messiers
     May Messiers
     June Messiers
     July Messiers
     September Messiers
     November Messiers
     December Messiers
     Complied List (one page)
Milankovitch Cycles  ~ Matt West
Scaled Solar System Models   ~ Len Larkin
Stargazing is Like a Box of Chocolates  ~Curt Nason
Star Hopping   ~Chris Curwin, Astronomy by the Bay
The Moon   ~ Mike Powell
The Sun   ~ Mike Powell
Time Lapse Photography ~Tom Raithby
     Night Time Lapse Photography
     Night Time Lapse Photography 2018
Using Telescope Filters   ~Matt West
Younger Dryas Cause and Effect  ~Matt West
~See also Impact Craters & Younger Dryas

If you have a presentation on file and would like to submit it, we would love to see it. Please send to Jim Stewart. If pdf, try to keep them 8 mb or under. If email is a problem, bring the file on a stick and we will load it onto my laptop at a meeting. We will try to work with any file you send, and you can look at a draft page before publishing.  Thanks.

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