Monthly Messier Observing

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Messier objects for January observing by Curt Nason

Messier objects for the month of February complied by Curt Nason.

Link to the pdf file of Curt Nason's list of Messier targets for April.

Link to the Messier targets for May by Curt Nason.

Link to the June Messier list by Curt Nason of the Saint John Astronomy Club and RASC NB.

July Messiers-South-night sky targets by Curt Nason.

July Messiers-North-night sky targets by Curt Nason.

No list for August~

Photo showing September Messier objects in the Teapot asterism in Sagittarius.

Photo showing September Messier objects looking south in the Milky Way above Sagittarius.

No list for October~

A visual list of Messier objects for November by Curt Nason.

Messier objects for December by Curt Nason

Above are Messier objects arranged by the month as complied by Curt Nason. These are visual lists that are easy to follow, and the objects themselves can be viewed with binoculars or almost any kind of telescope, particularly if you have a good sky away from city lights. The quality of the sky and interest to learn is probably more important than the equipment you have.

For the beginner, astronomy can seem like an overwhelming subject. But any subject can be made easier when it is broken down into parts, thus excluding parts you don’t need at a particular time. Good astronomy books will take you through the seasons, lunar observing might take you through the days, and in this case, Messier objects have been arranged for best viewing in a particular month.

Even if you don’t find a particular target, the search is almost always worthwhile, quite often finding something else while scanning the night sky with binoculars. And with our ever changing sky, something that may be impossible to locate one night will “pop” into view the following night.

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