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A photo of an SJAC Solar observing outreach event at Queen Square Farmers Market in Saint John

Outreach for the SJAC is a year round project. Whether in a public or in a more private setting (such as to schools, classrooms, or groups), it is a big part of the New Brunswick astronomy experience. In 2016 RASC NB hosted 219 Outreach Events, reaching 9498 adults and children and involving almost 1000 volunteer hours. Not bad for a Province of under 750,000 people!

Partial Solar Eclipse Day On August 21, 2017 at Irving Nature Park, Saint John, NB.The Partial Solar Eclipse was the most successful and well attended public Outreach event in the 17 year history of RASC.NB. In Saint John it was observed at Irving Nature Park and Rockwood Park Bark Park.Partial Solar Eclipse Day at Rockwood Bark Park, Saint John, NB.

A winter Outreach Event presented by RASC.NB and the SJAC.

Public Nighttime Observing in Irving Nature Park presented by RASC.NB and the SJAC.
Excitement always abounds at any nighttime Observing Event. Above~ Irving Nature Park in September 2016.

Photo of nighttime at the INP National Star PartyThe National Star Party at Irving Nature Park in 2017 was a big hit.Looking up at the National Star Party at Irving Nature Park, July 30, 2017

Summer or winter, Outreach is year round. Some of the best viewing can be had in a winter sky, and since it gets dark earlier, it also works out better for school hours.
Nighttime Observing and Outreach is for all ages and genders.

Photo of telescopes set up at Saints Rest Beach, Saint John, NB, for public viewing.Above~ The public getting some views at Saints Rest Beach.

Viewing the Moon at the Hampton Star Party, May 11, 2019 [photo-Rob Darrah]Above and below~ Hampton Star Party at Dutch Point Park.Photo of a new budding astronomer at the Hampton Star Party, May 11, 2019 [photo-Jim Stewart]

Viewing the Moon at the Hampton Star Party, May 11, 2019 [photo-Jim Stewart]

Activities can vary from Presentations, Night Observing, Day Observing, Youth Groups, School Talks, Exhibitions, and Observatories or Planetariums.Photo of Outreach Event at a school.

Indoor Outreach Event by RASC.NB

SJAC Outreach at the Saint John Qplex in 2018


From our YouTube Channel~ The two videos above  and the Thank You video below from Astronomy by the Bay will give you an idea of the scope of the various activities RASC.NB and the SJAC offer~

Photo linking to the 2017 Thank You video from Astronomy by the Bay.Also, check out the 2017 Thank You Video from Astronomy by the Bay. Chris Curwin clocked an amazing 3,393 people at his scopes in 2017 in addition to the 132,357 that participated in his Facebook Live Feeds.

~SJAC Interview about Outreach on LocalFM.ca~

Chris, Matt, and Amelia from the Saint John Astronomy Club visit Rebecca on the Radio for a chat about what is going on with amateur astronomy in Saint John, New Brunswick. Check out her show on 107.3 FM, Saint John, LocalRadio.ca. Great stuff!

2019 Province wide RASC NB Outreach Stats~

Province wide Outreach Stats for RASC NB as of May 2019.~As of May, 2019 [click the pic for a larger view]
*Facebook Live Feed numbers are for only during the LiveFeed itself. They do not include people tuning in and viewing at a later time.

A different kind of Outreach~

Photo showing an ongoing Facebook Live feed by Astronomy by the Bay.A Facebook Live feed provides a unique opportunity for people across Canada and the globe to look through telescopes. Chris Curwin from Astronomy by the Bay has been sharing his Facebook Live views since 2017 and the results are astounding. Over 325,000 viewers from April 2017 to June 2019! If you’re curious, you can view the figures on our Stats page.

Star Party Etiquette–for any Star Party, Anywhere~

Photo showing Star Party Etiquette of using your eyes, not hands.

 Regarding Photography & Outreach:

We do not publish any photos of a Private Outreach Event without your consent or permission.

Logo of the RASC New Brunswick Centre
The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada~New Brunswick Centre (RASC.NB) is involved in Outreach Events all across the Province.

How to Schedule an Outreach Event for your Group~

For more information or to ask about scheduling an Outreach Event at your school or location you can email Curt Nason or Facebook Chris Curwin at Astronomy by the Bay.


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