Outreach Events

A winter Outreach Event presented by RASC.NB and the SJAC.

Outreach, to the public and in a more private setting (such as to schools, classrooms, or groups), are a big part of the New Brunswick astronomy experience. In 2016 RASC NB hosted 219 Outreach Events, reaching 9498 adults and children and involving almost 1000 volunteer hours. Not bad for a Province of under 750,000 people!

Public Nighttime Observing in Irving Nature Park presented by RASC.NB and the SJAC.
Excitement always abounds at any nighttime Observing Event. Above and below ~ Irving Nature Park in September 2016.
Nighttime Observing in Irving Nature Park presented by RASC.NB and the SJAC.

Photo of a wintertime Outreach Event in New Brunswick.

Summer or winter, Outreach is year round. Some of the best viewing can be had in a winter sky, and since it gets dark earlier, it also works out better for school hours.
Nighttime Observing and Outreach is for all ages and genders.

Activities can vary from Presentations, Night Observing, Day Observing, Youth Groups, School Talks, Exhibitions, and Observatories or Planetariums.Photo of Outreach Event at a school.


From our YouTube Channel~ The two videos above  and the Thank You video below from Astronomy by the Bay will give you an idea of the scope of the various activities RASC.NB and the SJAC offer~

For more information or to schedule an Event ~ email Curt Nason or Facebook Chris Curwin at Astronomy by the Bay.

Stats for Winter Outreach Events~

As Spring 2017 arrives, we start to say goodby to the winter sky, the incredible beauty of the Winter Constellations, and a very active Winter Outreach Season.

Here are the Province-wide Outreach Stats from RASC.NB, Jan 1 through March 20, 2017.

As you can see, it includes 73 Outreach Events, reaching 2583 people and including 439 volunteer hours. Click picture for a larger view in pdf.


Note: We do not publish photos of a private Event without your consent or permission.

More pics~
Outreach~ Winter 2016-17
Outreach~ 2016

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