Partial Solar Eclipse in Saint John

Photo listing public observing locations of the partial solar eclipse in Saint John, NB

Event: Partial Eclipse of the Sun
Date: Monday, August 21, 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Locations for Observing: Rockwood Bark Park & Irving Nature Park

On the afternoon of August 21 more than half the Sun will disappear over New Brunswick. Don’t be alarmed, but be safe. Join local members and guests of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada in observing the Moon pass in front of the Sun through safely filtered telescopes.

A view of the Sun through a safely filtered telescope

We will be set up at two locations in Saint John: Irving Nature Park and Rockwood Park Bark Park (Fisher Lakes entrance). This is the best partial solar eclipse for our area in the past 18 years.

The eclipse begins at 2:37 pm, reaches maximum eclipse at 3:49 when 59% of the Sun is covered, and it ends at 4:56 pm. With luck we might see sunspots and prominences on the Sun through the filtered telescopes. Special eclipse viewers will be available to watch the event safely with just your eyes, courtesy of the RASC. Do not observe the eclipse without proper eye protection!

Photo of eclipse glasses for proper eye protection.

Looking at the Sun through a special telescope during the Fundy 2016 Star Party

Questions? (you are encouraged to ask them) Email Curt Nason.

Logo of the RASC New Brunswick Centre

Other Links: RASC Solar Eclipse 2017, NASA Eclipse Main Site

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