Most of our Resources are now located on our Home Page, with links on the right or left hand side.

SJAC Library – Books and Equipment available for borrowing.
Simply email library to ask, we will bring them to the next meeting.
For telescopes, email equipment.

Astro Zoo Handout.pdf: Citizen Science and Crowd Sourced Astronomy (compiled by Matthew West). You can also view the Astro Zoo page with links.

Hobby Killers: What Telescopes not to Buy from Sky & Telescope

Beginner’s Guide to Astronomy from

Uncommon Knowledge about Astronauts from NASA

Space Elevators? Interesting article plus some good links.

Current Lunar Phase [click to view] (Courtesy of USNO)

Maps for the Saint John Astronomy clubs observing sites.

Point Lepreau
Prince of Wales

Messier Catalogue* – One of many Internet resources and one of the more popular ones

Other Resources

Astronomy Organizations

RASC New Brunswick Centre
New Brunswick Astronomy / Astronomie Nouveau-Brunswick (NBANB)
The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada
Central Maine Astronomical Society
Other Astronomy Clubs


Sky & Telescope

Astronomy Websites

Heavens Above
Interactive Sky Chart

Astronomy Articles

The Hubble Telescope: Shedding Light on the Universe

Astronomical Imaging Software

K3CCD Tools


Bringing Astronomy to Southern New Brunswick, Canada