With so many resources available to help amateurs astronomers, our club has compiled a few resources we find useful. Some are strictly for local use, like our preferred observing site, while other would be of general interest to all astronomers.

Many of our Resources are now located on our Home Page, with links on the right or left hand side.

SJAC Library – Books availble for borrowing.
Simply email library  to ask, we will bring them to the next meeting.

Astro Zoo Handout.pdf: Citizen Science and Crowd Sourced Astronomy (compiled by Matthew West). You can also view the Astro Zoo page with links

Uncommon Knowledge about Astronauts from NASA

Beginner’s Guide to Astronomy from

Space Elevators? Interesting article plus some good links.

Current Lunar Phase [click to view] (Courtesy of USNO)

Maps for the Saint John Astronomy clubs observing sites.

Point Lepreau
Prince of Wales

Messier Catalogue* – One of many Internet resources and one of the more popular ones

Other Resources

Astronomy Organizations

RASC New Brunswick Centre
New Brunswick Astronomy / Astronomie Nouveau-Brunswick (NBANB)
The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada
Central Maine Astronomical Society
Other Astronomy Clubs


Sky & Telescope

Astronomy Websites

Heavens Above
Interactive Sky Chart

Astronomy Articles

The Hubble Telescope: Shedding Light on the Universe

Astronomical Imaging Software

K3CCD Tools

Telescope Information

MAPUG Archives* [or try here or here]
AWH LX200 tips*

[webmasters note: * indicates original link not found, we matched best we could 2016]

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