With so many resources available to help amateurs astronomers, our club has compiled a few resources we find useful. Some are strictly for local use, like our preferred observing site, while other would be of general interest to all astronomers.

What’s Up – Curt’s Monthly updates

SJAC – Library Catalogue – Books availble for borrowing.
Simply email library  to ask, we will bring them to the next meeting.

Astro Zoo Handout.pdf: Citizen Science and Crowd Sourced Astronomy (compiled by Matthew West). You can also view the Astro Zoo page with links

Young Astronomers Resources: From Friends at the “After School Care Programs” in Colorado

Beginner’s Guide to Astronomy from

Current Lunar Phase [click to view] (Courtesy of USNO)

Maps for the Saint John Astronomy clubs observing sites.

Point Lepreau
Prince of Wales

Messier Catalogue* – One of many Internet resources and one of the more popular ones

Other Resources

Astronomy Organizations

RASC New Brunswick Centre
New Brunswick Astronomy / Astronomie Nouveau-Brunswick (NBANB)
The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada
Central Maine Astronomical Society
Other Astronomy Clubs


Sky & Telescope

Astronomy Websites

Heavens Above
Interactive Sky Chart

Astronomy Articles

The Hubble Telescope: Shedding Light on the Universe

Astronomical Imaging Software

K3CCD Tools

Telescope Information

MAPUG Archives* [or try here or here]
AWH LX200 tips*

[webmasters note: * indicates original link not found, we matched best we could 2016]

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