Star Parties in New Brunswick

Photo by Paul Owen of the 2015 Mount Carleton Star Party

RASC.NB (Royal Astronomical Society of Canada-New Brunswick Centre) works with Parks Canada and Parks New Brunswick to bring you five Star Parties in settings that can be nothing short of spectacular. [photo by Paul Owen]

~ New Brunswick Star Party Calendar for 2018~

~June 15 – 16, 2018~
Kouchibouguac Spring StarFest
Kouchibouguac National Park
(also known as the Kouchibouguac Star Party)

~July 13 – 14, 2018~
Mount Carleton Star Party
Mount Carleton Provincial Park

~August 10 – 11, 2018~
COW Mactaquac Star Party
(Camping & Observing Weekend)
Mactaquac Provincial Park

~August 31 – September 1~
Fundy Park StarGaze
(also known as the Fundy Star Party)
Labour Day Weekend
Fundy National Park

~September 14 -15, 2018~
Kouchibouguac Fall StarFest
(also known as the Kouchibouguac Fall Star Gaze)
Kouchibouguac National Park

Note: We are no longer including Sundays for solar observing in any Star Party dates as most astronomers need to be heading home. Solar Observing will happen on the Saturday afternoons instead.

These five star parties are in addition to the other Outreach and educational activities the RASC.NB organizes in New Brunswick. Because of the relatively low light pollution and low air pollution in a Province of less than 750,000,  dark skies await the curious if the weather cooperates.

RASC.NB, in concert with the Parks system,  coordinates locations and campsites to give astronomers with their equipment the best experience possible, while allowing the public access to enjoy and experience the night sky.

View at one of the Star Parties in New Brunswick at Mount Carleton Provincial Park

Photo of twilight at the Kouchibouguac Spring StarFest 2017.

Setting up telescopes at one of New Brunswick's five star parties.

A photo of two telescopes set up at the 2016 Fundy Star Party at Fundy National Park

A large telescope set up at the COW Mactaquac Star Party.

Part of the camping and telescope setup at the COW Mactaquac Star Party.

Photo of a star party scene in New Brunswick.

Photo of a star party at Fundy National Park by Paul Owen.

Photo of Star Party at Fundy National Park.

Photo of a Star Party at Fundy National Park.

Star Parties present a unique opportunity for anyone to check out equipment. You can look through various types of telescopes, and pick the brains of people with different approaches and interests in a fascinating hobby.

You do not need a telescope to attend a Star Party.

Logo of the RASC Dark Sky Preserve.

Both National Parks in New Brunswick, Kouchibouguac and Fundy, are now Dark Sky Preserves, as well as Mount Carleton Provincial Park. Mount Carleton has some of the darkest skies in Canada.

Group photo of attendees at the 2016 Fundy Star Party at Fundy National Park

Watch Online–
CBC presents The Night Sky, Land and Sea Episode~

Photo from CBC presentation The Night Sky from a Land and Sea episode about three Dark Sky Sites and the Fundy Star Party 2016
Above~ Click to watch the CBC Land and Sea episode The Night Sky featuring our own Fundy Star Party in 2016 and two other Dark Sky Sites in Nova Scotia. Film feature includes interviews with members of RASC.NB and the SJAC. About 22 minutes.

Short video from our YouTube Channel~

Star Party Etiquette–for any Star Party, Anywhere~

Photo showing Star Party Etiquette of using your eyes, not hands.

How to Attend:

If you do not have a telescope~ simply make camping reservations at the campground you wish to attend, or contact the park office about visiting if you do not wish to camp. Our Star Party pages have direct links to campground reservations plus other information.

If you have a telescope and equipment~ contact RASC.NB about spaces available in the astronomers’ camping area. We will post the links below once the information becomes available, and also on the individual pages.

See also~

Fundy Park StarGaze 2017


Logo of the RASC New Brunswick Centre

~Other Stargazing Events in 2017~

Corresponding Dates for 2018 to be Announced

~Saturday, April 29, 2017, 9 – 11pm~
Astronomy Day in Rockwood Park
Join us for Nighttime Observing
Check out different kinds of telescopes
The Bark Park, Rockwood Park
Fisher Lakes Dr., off Hawthorne Ave. Extension

~Saturday, July 29, 9 – 11:30pm~
National Star Party at Irving Nature Park
Celebrating Canada’s Sesquicentennial with Stargazing
Irving Nature Park, Interpretative Shelter

~Monday, August 21, 2017~
2:00 ~ 5:00 pm
Public Observing of the Partial Solar Eclipse in Saint John
Safely view the eclipse with members of the SJAC & RASC NB
Rockwood Bark Park & Irving Nature Park.

~Friday, September 29, 2017, 7:30 – 10pm~
Fall Astronomy Day in Rockwood Park

~Friday, October 27, 2017, 6:30 – 9pm~
International Observe the Moon Night
Irving Nature Park

Bringing Astronomy to Southern New Brunswick, Canada