Total Lunar Eclipse 2019

Photo showing Atlantic Standard Times (AST) for the Jan 20-21 2019 Lunar Eclipse.Lunar eclipses are always a treat to observe, but viewing the total lunar eclipse starting on the evening of January 20, 2019 is not to be here in New Brunswick due to a massive winter storm.
As you can see from the chart above, the Penumbra will begin at 10:36pm AST Sunday evening, the Total Eclipse will begin at 12:41 reaching totality at 1:12am Monday morning, and exit the earth’s shadow at 3:48 am, lasting 5 hours, 12 minutes. It will also be a “SuperMoon.” [click the pic to enlarge]
Note: Next total eclipse of the Moon in Canada– May 2022.

Live Feed~

Link to Astronomy by the Bay Facebook PageChris Curwin of Astronomy by the Bay has cancelled the Live Feed and viewing from Saints Rest Beach in Saint John due to a brutal winter storm. Thanks Chris for trying, and thanks to all the fellow astronomers who were planning to set up and join in offering views to the public. You can still check his Facebook Event for more info.
However, Time and Date is posting a Live Feed for those who want to watch. The link is here.

Worth Watching~

Link to short video explaining lunar eclipses by Jenna Hinds of RASC.Jenna Hinds of the RASC has put together an excellent short video explaining eclipses, about 5 minutes. [click the pic to watch]

Teaching Webinar Available January 10~

Link to free webinar on observing eclipses-Discover the Universe will offer a free webinar January 10th to give you the tips and tricks (models, animations, etc.) to make this lesson easy and fun. They will also explain exactly how to observe the eclipse so as not to miss a single moment.
The webinar will be recorded for those who cannot attend the live presentation. Register now to access the webinar and the recording. It’s free! The link to register is here.

From SkyNews~

Screenshot 1 from pdf

Screenshot 2 from pdf

Lunar eclipse timeline in Canada 2019Above~ from [click any pic to enlarge]

More info from RASC NB~

Link to the RASC NB Total Lunar Eclipse 2019 page.[click the pic to view]

Photography and Observing~

A couple of links you may find useful:

Paul Owen~ Imaging the Moon
Mike Powell~ The Moon (interesting, general information)





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