Astronomy by the Bay

A telescope set up at Saints Rest beach in Saint John, NB waiting for the night sky.

SJAC member Mike Powell pointing out some stars at Saints Rest beach in Saint John, NB

SJAC members setting up for public stargazing at Saints Rest beach in Saint John, NB

One of the more interesting things you’ll find in Saint John is “that guy on the beach with a telescope” at Saints Rest Beach. Astronomer Chris Curwin practices the art of Sidewalk Astronomy, and is often joined by other astronomers (such as Mike Powell, seen pointing out some stars above). Chris calls his outreach and sidewalk astronomy efforts Astronomy by the Bay.

Have a Look Around~

A 360° Panorama on a June evening at Saints Rest Beach in Saint John with Astronomy by the Bay360 pano of a typical June evening at the beach with fellow astronomers and members of the public [click the pic, use your mouse].

Two telescopes set up for public viewing at Saints Rest Beach in Saint John, NB.

Chris clocked an amazing 2,439 people to his scope(s) in 2016, and 3,393 in 2017. He posts on his FB page ahead of time if he is heading to Saints Rest beach. Even if you can’t make it down, check out his page–you’ll sometimes feel as if you were there. It’s interesting and it’s fun.

Photo of telescopes set up at Saints Rest Beach, Saint John, NB, for public viewing.

He often hosts Facebook Live Events, and will let you take pictures through the telescope with your phone.

The Moon from Saints Rest Beach.
Above and Below–The Moon as seen from Saints Rest Beach and as shot through a telescope.The Moon as shot through a telescope at Saints Rest Beach.

A Dobsonian Telescope set up at Saints Rest Beach, Saint John, NB.

The relative peace and quiet of Saints Rests Beach on the Bay of Fundy provides an ideal spot to get away from it all and maybe catch a glimpse of some of our celestial wonders in the night sky.

Large telescope set up for the public at Saints Rest Beach, Saint John, NB.

Chris also practices Outreach in classrooms, at private and public star gazing events, and posts information and updates on his Facebook Page.

Photo of Outreach Event at a school.

Chris Curwin of Astronomy by the Bay looking at a live feed through a telescope at Saints Rest Beach in Saint John.

A beautiful telescope setup for public viewing by Chris Curwin of Astronomy by the Bay.

Check out the Thank You video below, a composite of SJAC Outreach Events and pics from Saints Rest Beach.

Chris Curwin setting up for Astronomy by the Bay public outreach.Above and below– Chris setting up at the beach and doing some viewing with others. More links to Sidewalk Astronomy and here.Chris Curwin setting up at Saints Rest Beach in Saint John.

A group of astronomers at Saints Rest Beach in Saint John

A different kind of Outreach~

Photo showing an ongoing Facebook Live feed by Astronomy by the Bay.

A Facebook Live Feed provides a unique opportunity for people all across Canada and the globe to look through telescopes. Astronomy by the Bay has been sharing these views and the results are astounding. Over 130,000 have joined the Facebook Live feed in 2017!

This is Sidewalk Astronomy for everyone. If curious, you can check the figures on our Stats page.

Christmas gift ideas for that astronomer in your life~

Photo linking to the Facebook Event Astronomy Under the Tree--ideas for ChristmasUndecided or wondering what to get that astronomer you know? Here are some gift ideas–everything from magazine subscriptions to equipment–courtesy a video presented by members of the Saint John Astronomy Club and Astronomy by the Bay.

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