Night Time Imaging with Paul Owen

Photo by Paul Owen of the Andromeda Galaxy and neighbouring companions.What you need to know for night time imaging from start to finish~

Photography Course: Night Time Imaging with Paul Owen
Location: Rockwood Park Interpretation Centre
When: Wednesdays from 7:00 – 9:30 pm, November 7, 14, 21, 28
Cost: FREE
Instructor: Paul Owen
Register: by email to Paul Owen

This course will cover all aspects of photographing the night sky, from selecting equipment that is right for you, to taking images and processing.

Guest Speakers:
Chris Curwin~Cellphone Photography through a telescope
Jim Stewart ~Making 360° Night Sky Panos with a DSLR
Tom Raithby ~Time Lapse Photography of the Night Sky

The Moon~

Image of the 1st Quarter Moon by Paul OwenThe Moon is our closest celestial companion, and provides endless opportunities for photography, whether through a telescope or using a camera and tripod. It also provides great practice opportunities for imaging other celestial wonders. Image of the Moon's Apennines mountain range by Paul Owen

Deep Sky~

Deep sky imaging is within the reach of anyone, through trial and error and the willingness to make mistakes. The purpose of this course is to cut through some of that trial and error, and propel the photographer a little closer to their goal of taking satisfying images.

Photo by Paul Owen of the Pleiades Star Cluster M45

Image of the Ring Nebula M57 by Paul OwenAny deep sky image can be photographed, either though using long exposures or by using a series of short exposures and stacking. Deep sky imaging might be a wider angle shot that shows the surroundings or a close up.
Top~ The Pleiades or M45, in the constellation Taurus
Above~ M57, the Ring Nebula, in the constellation Lyra.
Below~ The Leo Triplet in the constellation Leo.Photo of the Leo Triplet by Paul Owen during the summer of 2018.

Image of the Heart and Soul Nebula IC1805 and IC1848 in Cassiopeia by Paul OwenAbove~ close up of the Heart and Soul Nebula–IC1805 and IC1848–in Cassiopeia.
Below~ a close up of M42 in Orion. All images by Paul Owen.Close up image of M42 in Orion by Paul Owen

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