Choosing the Right Equipment

Paul Owen choosing the right astronomy equipment.The Choosing the Right Equipment session of the free Photographing the Night Sky course was Tuesday, November 21 at the Rockwood Park Interpretation Centre, 6:30 – 9pm.
Guest: Jim Stewart ~Making 360° Panoramas of the Night SkyAt this workshop Paul covered different kinds of telescopes, mounts, accessories, choosing the right equipment and how they tie in with your camera.
Paul Owen demonstrating how to set up an equatorial telescope.

Paul Owen demonstrating using a wifi connection on a telescope mount to control the scope and give you more information about the object you are looking at.

Paul Owen giving some pointer about a SCT Telescope at the Free Astronomy Workshop # 6

Photo of telescope at the Fundy Park StarGaze 2017

Example Photos~

Photo by Paul Owen of M31

Photo of M45 The Pleiades by Paul Owen

Photo of the Moon's Apennines Mountain Range by Paul Owen

Introduction to 360° Panoramas of the Night Sky~

Link to a 360° Panorama of the Livingston Lake Star Party in twilight of August 2017Jim Stewart gave a presentation on Making 360° Panoramas of the Night Sky at the Choosing the Right Equipment session on November 21. You can view it here.

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