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The venue for the 3rd Free Astronomy Workshop has been changed to the Rockwood Park Interpretation Centre. Thanks.

~Saturday, March 4 @ 7pm~ Saint John Astronomy Club Meeting
Rockwood Park Interpretation Centre, Saint John

~Wed. March 8 @ 6:30-8:30pm~ 3rd (of 6) Free Astronomy Workshops, Rockwood Park Interpretation Centre, Saint John. Hosted by SJAC & Paul Owen.

~Saturday, March 18~     RASC.NB Meeting
Business Meeting@10:30am, General Meeting @1pm
Moncton High School, 3rd Floor, Rm 3036

NASA Announces Discovery of 7 Earth Size Planets~

Photo of artists conception of TRAPPIST-1f planet in the TRAPPIST System
NASA Spitzer Space Telescope reveals largest batch of Earth-size, habitable-zone planets around a single star. Named the TRAPPIST System after the TRAPPIST telescope in Chile that originally discovered the system and three of the planets, scientists around the world plus NASA’s Spitzer have increased that number to seven.
Left~ Unless you have one of these in your backyard, you are unlikely to see it. Continue…



Winter Outreach is in High Gear~

Photo of a group lined up a two telescopes.
Members of the Saint John Astronomy Club and RASC.NB have been making their time and equipment available to interested groups. Above~ A recent outdoor event with 5 telescopes accessible. Below~ An Indoor private classroom visit. More information is on our Outreach Events page.
Photo of Outreach Event at a school.

 Observing the Solar System~focus of 3rd Workshop

The 3rd Free Astronomy Workshop will be on the Solar system and how to observe the Sun, Moon and various planets. This 3rd Workshop will be at the Rockwood Park Interpretation Centre on March 8, 6:30–8:30pm.
Both the 1st and 2nd Workshops were well attended. In February, “Shoot the Moon, Navigate the Sky” was the focus of the 2nd Workshop. Paul Owen gave hints on imaging the Moon using various

equipment and adapters, and Chris Curwin from Astronomy by the Bay gave an excellent talk on using the free astronomy app Stellarium in night sky navigating. This series of 6 free monthly workshops are hosted by the Saint John Astronomy Club and Paul Owen. Interested? Walk ins are welcome, but you can also RSVP to ensure your free seat for the next one on March 8. Contact the host, Paul Owen.     More…

Header photograph from Astronomy by the Bay showing two groups of people with telescopes on the Bay of FundyOne of the more interesting things you’ll find in Saint John is “that guy on the beach with a telescope” at Saints Rest Beach. Astronomer Chris Curwin practices the art of Sidewalk Astronomy. He clocked an amazing 2,439 people to his scope(s) in 2016, and is often joined by other astronomers. You can check his FB page to see if he is going there tonight. More.

Learning the Night Sky~

Photo image of the free software program and app Stellarium which assists in navigating and learning the night sky.      Logo of the Heavens Above website that provides information on astronomy and navigating the night sky.
Learning the night sky can be a very rewarding experience… and today more than ever, we have many tools to guide us at our fingertips.  More..

Because Outreach is a Sharing Experience…

Most of us are familiar with sharing photos and Facebook posts from our homes or mobile phones. RASC NB, the SJAC and other members of RASC across Canada take sharing to a whole other level. They take their time, energy and equipment to share the astounding wonder of what is in the night sky right above us.
Whether it be a large public event or a small private gathering like the one shown here, Outreach enriches the lives of everyone. More…

Member Photos~

Top~ Streetview Photo [no info]
Bottom- Groundhog Day Moon, Canon T3i and Sigma telephoto lens
Both photos by Paul Owen.

Stuff you can use~

New or old to Astronomy, you can usually find some useful information in Members’ Contributions. Check out Mike Powell’s Finders and How to use Them and Astronomy Equipment Basics. 

Excellent Newsletter from RASC New Brunswick~

Photograph of he RASC.NB Horizon Newsletter for Winter 2017

The Horizon Winter 2017 newsletter is out. You can also view more on our Newsletters & Brochures page.

Other Interesting Astronomy Clubs~

Got cabin fever? Housebound? Why not take a trip across Canada checking out a few this country’s astronomy clubs? Here are just two from the full list you can find at SkyNews.ca. Photograph of the Observatory of the Lethbridge Astronomy Society
Top~ The Oldman River Observatory of the Lethbridge Astronomy Society. Below~ Southeastern view from the annual Mt. Kobau Star Party site of the Mt. Kobau Astronomical Society near Osoyoos, British Columbia.
Photo from Mount Kobau in British Columbia, Canada

Good Turnout for Snowshoe Walk~

With the full moon falling on the weekend and a clear sky, there was a beautiful Moonlit trail to Sheldon Point in Irving Nature Park via snowshoes. As a special bonus, there was also a penumbral lunar eclipse, as seen below captured by astronomer and photographer Paul Owen. Five members of the SJAC and RASC.NB were on hand with telescopes.  More…

Cassini -Close views show rings unprecedented detail

NASA- “After nearly 13 years studying Saturn’s rings from orbit, the Cassini team has a deeper, richer understanding of what they’re seeing, but they still anticipate new surprises.”    More…

 First GOES-16  Images Sent back

GOES-16, the first spacecraft in NASA/NOAA’s next-generation of geostationary satellites, has sent the first high-resolution images from its Advanced Baseline Imager. More…

2 Suns Colliding = Visible “Boom Star” 2022

A collision of two suns that took place 1,800 years ago will create a visible ‘Boom Star’ in 2022. “Before their collision the two stars were too dim to be seen by the naked eye, but in 2022, the bright burning light from the red nova that was created will be visible to the naked eye in the constellation Cygnus.” More…

 “I’ll have a double-double and a Pluto, please.”

Great article by science journalist and author Lee Billings about driving through a Scaled Solar System highway in Maine. Mr. Billings is author of Five Billion Years of Solitude: The Search for Life Among the Stars (2013). SJAC member Len Larkin also wrote/presented about Planet Walks & Planet Drives in Scaled Solar System Models.

Two Great Reasons to Join the RASC


For anyone curious about the night sky, joining the RASC can be a very rewarding experience. You don’t even need a telescope, just your interest. Among other benefits, a yearly Membership includes the well sought after Observer’s Handbook, now in is 109th year, the popular Canadian astronomy magazine SkyNews, and digital access to the bi-monthly Journal of the RASC (login required). The Handbook and SkyNews alone can make membership worthwhile.
A portion of the yearly membership fee goes to the Centre of your choice to help finance local activities and education. Our local is RASC NB New Brunswick Centre. If you aren’t sure, or are simply curious, ask someone at your local Astronomy Club to borrow a previous year’s Handbook. You’ll see why it is found in observatory control rooms and astronomers’ reference shelves worldwide.

Clear Sky Clock ~

The Clear Sky Clock is an extremely useful tool for Astronomers. It is used to predict observing conditions and has been proven to be extremely accurate. For more information or details on how to interpret, please visit the Clear Sky Clock home.
Chart not showing today’s date? Try refreshing the page.

The SJAC meets the first Saturday of every month @ 7pm in the Rockwood Park Interpretation Centre in Saint John. The meetings are always informal and are open to anybody interested in talking about Astronomy. All are welcome–no experience necessary!

Bringing Astronomy to Southern New Brunswick, Canada