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~Sunday, December 15 @8pm~
The Sunday Night Astronomy Show
Live broadcast on the Astronomy by the Bay YouTube channel.

~Saturday, January 4 @7pm~
Meeting of the Saint John Astronomy Club
Rockwood Park Interpretation Centre
All are welcome–no experience necessary.

Sunday Night Astronomy Show~

Photo showing The Sunday Night Astronomy Show that will broadcast live on YouTube.Every Sunday @ 8pm we are bringing you a live view of the Moon, planets, galaxies and much more on a weekly broadcast we’re calling The Sunday Night Astronomy Show. The live one hour broadcast, which premiered on November 17th will continue till March. The broadcast will only be available on YouTube, which is available by subscribing to the Astronomy by the Bay YouTube channel.
We’re very excited on what we’ll be able to offer you through remote telescopes and will also take suggestions for targets for future shows. If weather does not cooperate, we’ll still be live with talks about the solar system, telescopes, and lots more.

Hobby Killers: What Telescopes not to Buy~

Link to Sky & Telescope article by Jerry Oltion about what telescopes not to buy.Good article by Jerry Oltion of Sky and Telescope– Hobby Killers: What Telescopes not to Buy. You may also be interested in the SJAC discussion: Where to Buy Astronomy Gear.  Best universal advice from all sources: Join an astronomy club, attend an Outreach Event or Star Party, ask a few questions and just hang out. Lot easier on the pocketbook and nerves in the long run.

Browse our Library~

Browse the Library of the Saint John Astronomy ClubClick the pic to check out some of our titles.

Messier Objects for December~

Messier objects for December by Curt Nason[click the pic to view in pdf.]

Incredible Images–RASC NB Photos of the Month~

Link to the November 2019 collection of RASC NB Photos of the Month

Photo of the Cygnus region of the Milky Way, taken at Kouchibouguac Spring StarFest 2019 by Paul Owen.A rather astounding collection of night sky images and sketches is starting to emerge from astrophotographers across New Brunswick.  These are the RASC NB Photos of the Month, a collection put together by Emile Cormier of the RASC NB. You can view them through the portal here or on the RASC NB website. Emile also has an interesting website of his own images and sketches at emilecormier.net.

Explore the Moon with Binoculars course wraps up~

Screenshot of a lunar image used in the RASC Explore the Moon with Binoculars Certificate Program.

The Wrap-up session and final evening of the Exploring the Moon with Binoculars astronomy course was Wednesday, October 30, at the Rockwood Park Interpretation Centre. This course combined the best parts of the RASC Observe the Moon with Binoculars course with local author John A. Read’s book 50 Things to See on the Moon.
Visit our page for more details. [Image: RASC. Click to enlarge]

RASC NB Summer 2019 Newsletter is here~

Link to the RASC NB Summer 2019 Newsletter.
Incredible photography, a visit to a Mayan site, tour of NASA in Houston, book review of The Star Belong to Everyone, update on Green Laser Pointer Authorization. and more. Good reading in the RASC NB Summer 2019 Newsletter.

Great skies for Hampton’s 2nd Star Party~

Photo of telescopes being set up at Town of Hampton's 2nd Star Party at Dutch Point Park in Sept. 2019--by Christine White.


Photo showing telescopes being set up for the Sept. 2019 Hampton Star Party--photo by Trudy AlmonGreat skies and 11 telescopes greeted 70 – 80 members of the public who attended the 2nd Hampton Star Party hosted by the Town of Hampton at Dutch Point Park. A short talk at dusk was followed by night sky viewing. [photos by Christine White & Trudy Almon]

Fundy Park Stargaze 2019 a great success~

Photo of the Milky Way taken at the 2019 Fundy Park StarGaze by Alec Gordon.Above~ photo of the Milky Way taken by Alec Gordon at the 2019 Fundy Park StarGaze. Reports were that the Milky Way was casting a shadow. This was at Herring Cove, observing site for the 2019 event. About 400 members of the public were treated to night sky and solar views on August 30 – 31.Photo of the Fundy StarGaze 2017 (from Fundy Park Facebook Page).This was followed up by the RASC NB Kouchibouguac Fall StarFest on September 27 – 28.

Learning from the Apollo Lunar Landings~

Photo showing main features of the Moon and locations of the Apollo Landing sites (Image Credit: Michael Watson).[click the pic for a larger view]
~by Curt Nason
A lot of media attention, and telescopes, was focused on the Moon for the fiftieth anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing. Baseball and girls occupied my mind more than the landing did in that Summer of 69; and now I am less interested in the anniversary than in what the Apollo program had revealed to us about that leading light of our night sky. Continue…

Mount Carleton Star Party~

Photo of the night sky by Paul Owen at the Mount Carleton Star Party 2018.The RASC 2019 Mount Carleton Star Party took place August 2 – 3. The image above captured by Paul Owen in 2018 portrays the beauty of what is arguably one of the best locations for star gazing in North America.
Next up–RASC NB Kouchibouguac Fall StarFest on Sept. 27 – 28.

Good turnout in St. Martins on July 25~

Photo of public observing event at St. Martins Old Home Week 2019Beautiful weather and an excellent sky greeted about 100 people who joined members of the Saint John Astronomy Club in St. Martins during Old Home Week on July 25. The ball field behind the school is an excellent location for observing in one of the most picturesque villages in New Brunswick. This is the second year for the event, and was well attended last year as well.  Above–setting up before the event, below–SJAC member Len Morgan having a look at Jupiter.Photo of SJAC member Len Morgan at a public observing event at St. Martins Old Home Week 2019

Moonlight Bazaar an incredible success~

Link to the Moonlight Bazaar in Saint John on July 20, 2019

Members of the Saint John Astronomy Club and RASC NB were on hand at the Moonlight Bazaar while a gigantic 7 meter Moon floated over Grannan Street in Saint John on July 20. Astronomy by the Bay and volunteers were offering film, draws, prizes and views through telescopes along with the other entertainment.
About 10,000 people showed up for the award-winning event that blended music, food, art, and creative performances together into one experience.

Milankovitch Cycles: the orbital effects on climate~

Photo and bio of mathematician and geophysicist Milton Milankovitch.Did you know that long term warming and cooling of the Earth seem to be caused by slow changes in Earth’s orbit? Check out the page on Matt West’s presentation The Milankovitch Cycles at the SJAC July 6 meeting.

Chris Curwin Recognized by RASC for Outreach~

Photo of Chris Curwin with Peter Visima of RASC Toronto Centre at the RASC General Assembly in June 2019.

Astronomy by the Bay Facebook PageChris Curwin of Astronomy by the Bay has been awarded the Qilak Award for outstanding outreach efforts in 2018 . “The Qilak Award / Prix Qilak is intended to recognize individual Canadian residents, or teams of residents, who have made an outstanding contribution, during a particular time period, either to the public understanding and appreciation of astronomy in Canada, or to informal astronomy education in Canada, and to promote such activities among the members of the sponsoring organizations. In your case, the award recognizes your exceptional outreach activities.”
Well done Chris! We are all fortunate to have you!

Emile Cormier’s image up for Reader’s Choice~

Photo by Emile Cormier of the Whirlpool Galaxy in the constellation Canes Venatici.This image by Emile Cormier of the Whirlpool Galaxy, a face-on sprial galaxy also known as Messier 51 in the constellation Canes Venatici, is up for the 2019 SkyNews.ca Reader’s Choice Awards. You can vote for this image (or another favourite) by clicking here or on the image below. Even if you don’t vote, the images taken by Canadians are astounding, and it is worth clicking on the “Full post with image details” to see where and what equipment was used. Voting closes June 30.
Emile captured this image through 2 1/2 hours of exposure in Sainte-Anne de Kent, New Brunswick. Nice work Emile!Link to the SkyNews Reader's Choice awards for 2019.

Mini Star Party at Saints Rest Beach~

Photo showing a group of astronomers from the Saint John Astronomy Club set up at Saints Rest Beach in Saint John, NB.Members of the Saint John Astronomy Club joined Chris Curwin of Astronomy by the Bay at Saints Rest Beach in Saint John on the evening of May 6. You can view more photos at Mini Star Party at Saints Rest Beach. [top~Paul Owen, below~Trudy Almon]
Photo by Trudy Almon showing a group of astronomers from the Saint John Astronomy Club set up at Saints Rest Beach in Saint John, NB.

Beginner’s Astronomy Course Wraps Up~

Link to Beginner's Guide to Astronomy free course offered by Saint John Astronomy Club in 2019. The Beginner’s Guide to Astronomy Course wrapped up in March 2019 with a photo contest draw, raffle draw, and a Q&A session. This follows Phil Webb lending his experience using binoculars, Curt Nason presenting Starhopping Through the Constellations, Paul Owen on Getting that Perfect Picture, Mike Powell’s Choosing the Right Equipment, and Chris Curwin giving an Introduction to the Night Sky at the opening session.
Course: A Beginner’s Guide to Astronomy
Presented by: Astronomy by the Bay & Saint John Astronomy Club
February 20:  An Introduction to the Night Sky~with Chris Curwin
February 27:  Choosing the Right Equipment~with Mike Powell
March 6:  Getting That Perfect Picture~with Paul Owen
March 13:  Starhopping Through the Constellations~with Curt Nason
March 20:  Using Binoculars~with Phil Webb
March 27: Course wrap-up, photo contest draw, raffle draw,  Q&A
April ?: Follow up evening under the stars at Saints Rest Beach
See our page for more details.

Impact Craters and the Younger Dryas Cold Period~

Link to pdf presentation by Phil Webb of the SJAC on impact cratersIn March 2019 Phil Webb and Matt West of the Saint John Astronomy Club gave joint presentations on Impact Craters and the Younger Dyras Cold Event at the SJAC monthly meeting. You can view the page with links to their presentations here.Link to the pdf presentation by Matt West on Younger Dryas at a SJAC meeting.

Explore the Universe Astronomy Course~

Class photo of the Explore the Universe astronomy course offered by Curt Nason and the SJAC in 2018The Explore the Universe Course concluded in October 2017 with a great rundown on the life history of a star and an overview of some Deep Sky Objects. This course was offered by Curt Nason and the SJAC, and will be followed up by Night Time Imaging with Paul Owen in November.Photo showing the relative sizes of our planets.

Photo showing the relative size of our Sun to Planets.This course was based on the Explore the Universe beginner’s observing program of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (RASC). By locating, observing and recording 55 of 110 objects you can receive an Explore the Universe certificate and pin, and you do not have to be a member of the RASC.Photo showing stargazing with binoculars.This can be achieved using only your eyes and binoculars, although a small telescope might be required to observe all 110 objects. Although the Course is now over, you can still participate.
What you need:
RASC Explore the Universe Program Requirements.pdf
RASC Fillable Application Form.pdf
Optional~ Explore the Universe Guide Book (2nd Edition)
Overview~RASC RASC.CA/Explore the Universe.
Note: You can view recaps of each  four evenings on our page.
Questions? Contact Curt Nason. 

Astronomy for Everyone~

SJAC member Mike Powell pointing out some stars at Saints Rest beach in Saint John, NB

SJAC members setting up for public stargazing at Saints Rest beach in Saint John, NB

Photo of telescopes set up at Saints Rest Beach, Saint John, NB, for public viewing.

Telescopes set up at Saints Rest Beach, Saint John, NBGo for a walk on the beach, have a look at the stars.
Above–telescopes set up at Saints Rest Beach in Saint John for public viewing.  Just check the fb page of Astronomy by the Bay to see if anyone is going on a clear night.

The Kepler Space Telescope & The Search for Life~

The Kepler Space Telescope Presentation (Part 1) by Rob Leathley

Link to the pdf presentation by Rob Leathley to the Saint John Astronomy Club about the Kepler Mission and the search for life--Part 1

Link to the pdf presentation by Rob Leathley to the Saint John Astronomy Club about the Kepler Mission and the search for life--Part 2One of the best things about SJAC monthly meetings are the presentations. Rob Leathley gave a rather mind blowing presentation The Kepler Space Telescope and followed it up with The Search for Life~Part 1 and The Search for Life~Part 2. Good stuff.

Handy Guide for Star Pronunciation~

Photo showing link to the Star Pronunciation Guide from Space.comEver wonder how to pronounce some of the stars? Click to pic above

Making Time Lapse Photographs of the Night Sky~

Link to Tom Raithby's Time-lapse Photography pdf presentation at the Saint John Astronomy ClubTom Raithby gave a presentation on Night Time Lapse Photography at the Photographing the Milky Way session of the Photographing the Night Sky series in November 2017. You can view it here.
Below~ the Night Time Lapse Photography presentation at Imaging the Night Sky with Paul Owen in 2018. Click the pic to view.Presentation of Night Time Lapse Photography by Tom Raithby at the Night Time Imaging Course offered by Paul Owen and the SJAC in 2018.

Introduction to 360° Panoramas of the Night Sky~

Link to a 360° Panorama of the Livingston Lake Star Party in twilight of August 2017Jim Stewart gave a presentation Making 360° Panoramas of the Night Sky at the Choosing the Right Equipment session of the Photographing the Night Sky series in November, 2017. You can view it here.

Using “Sign Posts” to Navigate the Night Sky~

Using "Sign Posts" to Navigate the Night SkyConstellations in our night sky can serve as “sign posts”… showing the way to other constellations and objects. One of the best is “The Big Dipper”… in Ursa Major. More…

Special Eclipse Edition of the Horizon Newsletter~

A great recap of the August 21 eclipse is captured in a special Eclipse Edition of the RASC NB newsletter Horizon. It includes experiences from all across the Province plus some members who were lucky enough to go to the States. By Curt Nason. Good stuff. Partial Solar Eclipse Day at Rockwood Bark Park, Sant John, NB.In Saint John, about 700 people showed up to witness the partial solar eclipse of the Sun at Irving Nature Park and Rockwood Park Bark Park.
Were you there? Lots of pics on our Partial Solar Eclipse page.

A different kind of Outreach~

Photo showing an ongoing Facebook Live feed by Astronomy by the Bay.A Facebook Live feed provides a unique opportunity for people across Canada and the globe to look through telescopes. Chris Curwin from Astronomy by the Bay has been sharing his Facebook Live views since 2017 and the results are astounding. Over 325,000 viewers from April 2017 to June 2019! If you’re curious, you can view the figures on our Stats page.

Member Photos~

Photo of the Heart Nebula by astronomer Paul OwenAstounding images by Paul Owen~
Above– The Heart Nebula in the Constellation Cassiopeia, using a Stellarvue 105mm refractor telescope, modified Canon T3i camera, Skywatchers EQ6 Mount, guided with PHD, 30x300sec images, stacked and processed with photoshop.
Below– The North American and Pelican Nebula in Cygnus. Taken with Canon T3i and Canon L series 200mm F4 lens.
Photo of the North American and Pelican Nebula in the Constellation Cygnus by Paul Owen.

Stargazing is Like a Box of Chocolates~by Curt Nason

Photo of the Northern LightsA memorable line from the movie Forrest Gump compared life to a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re going to get. Although the night sky is full of predictable observing targets and events, it is the unexpected treasures that make stargazing so enjoyable.   Continue…

Free Astronomy Workshop Info now Available~

Free Astronomy Workshop # 6
The Free Astronomy Workshop Series in early 2017 proved a success. You can access almost all of the information presented in the Series here in pdf form:
Telescope Basics
Imaging the Moon
Astrophotography~ImagesPaul Owen with a picture of John DobsonThese Free Workshops were hosted by Paul Owen and the SJAC. You can still ask questions about anything you are curious about or need clarification. Contact the host, Paul Owen. Continue… Free Astronomy Workshops.
Note: Paul also hosted the Fall astronomy workshop series Photographing the Night Sky in November 2017.

Stuff you can use~

New or old to Astronomy, you can usually find some useful information in Members’ Contributions. Check out Matt West’s Using Telescope Filters and Mike Powell’s Finders and How to use Them and Equipment Basics. 

Astronomy by the Bay~

A 360° Panorama on a June evening at Saints Rest Beach in Saint John with Astronomy by the Bay
One of the more interesting things you’ll find in Saint John is “that guy on the beach with a telescope” at Saints Rest Beach. Astronomer Chris Curwin practices the art of Sidewalk Astronomy, and calls his efforts Astronomy by the Bay. Above is a 360 panorama of a typical June evening beside the Bay of Fundy.
He clocked an amazing 3.393 people to his scope(s) in 2017, and is often joined by other astronomers. You can check his FB page to see if he is going there tonight, and you can often take a pic with your phone through the scope.  Check out the 2017 Thank You Video from Chris.

Learning the Night Sky Hints with Chris Curwin~

Photo image of the free software program and app Stellarium which assists in navigating and learning the night sky.      Logo of the Heavens Above website that provides information on astronomy and navigating the night sky.
Learning the night sky can be a very rewarding experience… and today more than ever, we have many tools to guide us at our fingertips.  More..

Other Interesting Astronomy Clubs~

Got cabin fever? Housebound? Why not take a trip across Canada checking out a few this country’s astronomy clubs? Here are just two from the full list you can find at SkyNews.ca. Photograph of the Observatory of the Lethbridge Astronomy Society
Top~ The Oldman River Observatory of the Lethbridge Astronomy Society. Below~ Southeastern view from the annual Mt. Kobau Star Party site of the Mt. Kobau Astronomical Society near Osoyoos, British Columbia.
Photo from Mount Kobau in British Columbia, Canada

Two Great Reasons to Join the RASC


For anyone curious about the night sky, joining the RASC can be a very rewarding experience. You don’t even need a telescope, just your interest. Among other benefits, a yearly Membership includes the well sought after Observer’s Handbook, now in is 109th year, the popular Canadian astronomy magazine SkyNews, and digital access to the bi-monthly Journal of the RASC (login required). The Handbook and SkyNews alone can make membership worthwhile.
A portion of the yearly membership fee goes to the Centre of your choice to help finance local activities and education. Our local is RASC NB New Brunswick Centre. If you aren’t sure, or are simply curious, ask someone at your local Astronomy Club to borrow a previous year’s Handbook. You’ll see why it is found in observatory control rooms and astronomers’ reference shelves worldwide.

Clear Sky Clock ~

The Clear Sky Clock is an extremely useful tool for Astronomers. It is used to predict observing conditions and has been proven to be extremely accurate. For more information or details on how to interpret, please visit the Clear Sky Clock home.
Click on pic below for the current forecast. Clicking on the squares yields more information.

The SJAC meets the first Saturday of every month @ 7pm in the Rockwood Park Interpretation Centre in Saint John. The meetings are always informal and are open to anybody interested in talking about Astronomy. All are welcome–no experience necessary!

Bringing Astronomy to Southern New Brunswick, Canada