Learning the Night Sky

Header photo for the Learning the Night Sky Astronomy Course by Curt Nason.

Course: Learning the Night Sky
Presented by: Curt Nason
When: Tuesdays, October 3, 10, 17 and 24 from 6:30 to 9 pm
Where: Rockwood Park Interpretation Centre
Admission: Free
Registration: Registration is now closed.

The Learning the Night Sky astronomy course is now fully booked. We want to say Thank You to all the people who are attending.

This series of presentations will introduce you to our solar system of the Sun, the planets and their moons, asteroids and comets, and how to observe them. From there we travel much farther to learn about the stars, the constellations and their mythological tales, and what can be seen with binoculars and a telescope.

Observing to follow~

A photo of people stargazing in an urban environment.

If the sky is clear after each presentation, and if you have the time, there will observing sessions to learn the sky and its hidden treasures.

Course Agenda~

Artist's concept of the birth of stars and planets.

Oct 3: Formation of the solar system, the Sun and the Moon and their interaction with Earth, and our system of time.
Oct 10: The planets, dwarf planets, asteroids, comets, meteors, and Planet 9?
Oct 17: Life and death of stars and what we see of them, reading star maps and recognizing constellations.
Oct 24: Constellations and mythology.



For more information please contact Curt Nason.

Photo of our place in the Milky Way.

In November, the Free Astronomy Course Series continues~

Header Photo for the free astronomy course Photographing the Night Sky with Paul Owen.

Photographing the Night Sky ~with Paul Owen
Every Tuesday night in November, 6:30 – 9pm
Rockwood Park Interpretation Centre

See the page for Registration details.
There is also now a Facebook Event.

Hope to see you there!

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  1. I will be attending along with one other person! We’re unable to make the first Tuesday in November, but will be at the rest.

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