Saint John Astronomy Club Website Stats~
Last Year–January – December 2016

December 2016 Stats.pdf (9 pages)

January to July 2017

Overview of stats for the Saint John Astronomy Club Jan-July 2017

As you can see, the number of Unique Visitors have come back in July since we took radical steps to block spam traffic since March. Pic above is looking back as of August 5th.

January 2017 Stats.pdf (9 pages)

February 2017 Stats.pdf (9 pages)

March 2017 Stats.pdf (7 pages)

April 2017 Stats.pdf (9 pages)

May 2017 Stats.pdf (9 pages)

June 2017 Stats.pdf (9 pages)

July 2017 Stats.pdf (10 pages)

July 2017–Top Downloads and also July 2017–Top Pages Visited

  ~Outreach Stats for RASC.NB~ 2012-2016~

A chart of the 2012-2016 Outreach Events for RASC New Brunswick Centre.

View above in pdf.

~Outreach Stats for RASC.NB Showing Winter 2017~

Here are the Province-wide Outreach Stats for RASC.NB, Jan 1 through March 20, 2017.

As you can see, there were 73 Outreach Events, reaching 2583 people and including 439 volunteer hours.

View above in pdf.

~Outreach Stats for RASC.NB to May 2017~

A different kind of Outreach~

Photo showing an ongoing Facebook Live feed by Astronomy by the Bay.

A Facebook Live Feed provides a unique opportunity for people all across Canada and the globe to look through telescopes. Chris Curwin from Astronomy by the Bay has been sharing his views and the results are astounding. Over 50,000 views from April 2 to August 13, 2017!

Screenshot of Stats for a Facebook Live Feed from Astronomy by the Bay of looking through a telescope.

View in pdf or Excel.

Bringing Astronomy to Southern New Brunswick, Canada