Saint John Astronomy Club Website Stats~

~December 2018~

Overall Website Traffic~

Photo showing December 2018 website stats for the Saint John Astronomy Club.


Website traffic in December dropped off dramatically during the holiday season. Matt West’s Using Telescope Filters is still the #1 download, and Star Parties in New Brunswick is the #1 page after the 2019 star party dates were released.

~Last Year, 2017–January to December~

Overall Stats for the Saint John Astronomy Club for 2017

Overall, 2017 was a successful year for our little website. Interest in the eclipse in August, three free astronomy courses offered by Paul Owen and Curt Nason, an active Outreach season, good media coverage, and interest generated by Facebook Live feeds via Astronomy by the Bay all contributed. Stats are a reflection of an active group of individuals pulling in the same direction.

2016–January to December

2019 Province wide RASC NB Outreach Stats~

Province wide Outreach Stats for RASC NB as of March 2019.~As of March, 2019 [click the pic for a larger view]

A different kind of Outreach~

Photo showing an ongoing Facebook Live feed by Astronomy by the Bay.

A Facebook Live Feed provides a unique opportunity for people all across Canada and the globe to look through telescopes. Chris Curwin from Astronomy by the Bay has been sharing his views through FB Live and the results are astounding. Over 130,000 views from April 2 to November 12, 2017, with 39,100 tuning in on the Eclipse Day alone!

[file says Aug 30 at top, it actually goes to November]

In addition to the Facebook Live feeds, Chris Curwin clocked an amazing 3,393 views at his scope(s) at Saints Rest Beach in Saint John during 2017!

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